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Buy a House in Richmond, VA from We Buy Ugly Houses

Are you thinking about buying a house? Are you looking to buy a house in an established area neighborhood? Are you a first time home buyer interested in getting an excellent price when you buy a home?

If you answer yes to these questions, We Buy Ugly Houses® Richmond can help!

We Don’t Just Buy Houses – We Sell Houses Too

We’re most famous as a home buyer, especially because of our catchy name, We Buy Ugly Houses. It’s also true that we buy “ugly houses,” which may make you wonder why you would want to buy a house from us.

We buy houses that are ugly for a number of reasons. These houses may be in need of repairs that the homeowner can’t make, these houses may have the homeowner in an ugly financial dilemma, or these houses can just be ugly and in desperate need of updating.

All of these situations give We Buy Ugly Houses Richmond the opportunity to purchase ugly homes for cash at a discount price. After buying a house, we invest money in renovations. This means the ugly houses we buy at a discount are now newly renovated houses that are updated, repaired, and ready for new homeowners to move in. Since we purchase homes for cash at below market value, even after renovating them we can still offer homes at a great price that work especially well for first time homebuyers.

Another thing people interested in buying a house from We Buy Ugly Houses Richmond don’t usually know is that many of the people who sell their house to us also buy a house from us. This gets these homeowners out of an ugly house and into a beautiful home expertly renovated by We Buy Ugly Houses Richmond.

Our franchisees have plenty of experience spotting ugly homes with a lot of potential. That’s why we’ll buy a home for cash, update and repair it, and resell it to home buyers just like you. We give home buyers an excellent opportunity to buy a beautifully updated home at an incredible price. We have many homes in our inventory to choose from, so if you’re looking to buy a house, check out what We Buy Ugly Houses Richmond has to offer. You may be delightfully surprised.

Want To Rent A Home, Not Buy A Home?

We Buy Ugly Houses Richmond can also help if you’d rather rent a home, not buy a home. After buying a house, many of our franchisees renovate and hold homes as rental properties instead of selling them. This means we also have great homes for renters looking to rent a house instead of buying a house at an affordable price.

Contact Us to Look At Our Homes Today

We Buy Ugly Houses Richmond is excited to speak with you about renting or buying a house from us. Regardless of if you’re ready to buy a home today, want to rent a home quickly, or you’re just starting to look around and decide whether you want to rent or buy a house, we’d like to talk to you.

Give us a call in the Richmond area at 1-800-44-BUYER, or contact us by filling out our website contact form. We’ll get back in touch with you fast to tell you about the properties we have for rent, or the properties that may interest you if you’d like to buy a home.

When you’re ready to rent or buy a house, you can get a great deal on renting or buying a house from We Buy Ugly Houses Richmond. Contact us today for a list of our formerly ugly homes that are now gorgeous homes just waiting for you to move in.

Do you need to sell a house? Do you have an ugly house or are you in an ugly dilemma with your house like foreclosure or divorce? Have you recently inherited a house you don’t plan to keep? Are you relocating for work and need to sell? Does your house hold bad memories that you’d like to move away from? Regardless of your situation, we can help. Contact We Buy Ugly Houses Richmond today and we’ll make a cash offer on your house is “as is” condition so you can sell fast.