We Are America’s Source for Affordable Homes…

Looking for a profitable new investment venture? Look no further. HomeVestors® of America franchisees are known throughout the country for buying distressed properties, fixing them up and selling them to happy new homeowners.

We help breathe new life into older and blighted communities. We pull homeowners facing foreclosure or dealing with distressed houses out of sticky situations. We help revitalize neighborhoods. We provide polished, professionally redesigned houses for families.

And best of all — our model has been shown to provide proven, reliable income for our franchise owners.

ug-cash-rightHow does it work? Our franchise owners work directly within their communities, where you might recognize our local TV advertising and our vibrant red and yellow billboards. Interested homeowners respond to our time-tested branding and contact you directly, asking for a fast cash buyouts. We work quickly — sometimes closing in as quickly as a week — in order to help homeowners move out and move on with their lives.

At this point, what you do with the property is up to you. Many of our franchisees “flip” the houses, working to quickly renovate them and sell them on the market. Others renovate their houses and hold onto them as rental properties.

There are even more opportunities available as well. We also work with wholesalers. Our home buyers don’t have the time to renovate every home that’s purchased, so we frequently partner with wholesalers, reverse wholesalers and other investors interested in real estate. This is great news if you are looking for Richmond real estate rehab opportunities. We are able to purchase homes for far less because we have the ability to pay cash and offer a quick sale for homeowners. This means you will save money when you purchase a home from HomeVestors®.

There’s a reason why millionaires see real estate as a can’t miss investment opportunity. It’s because it provides an avenue for investors to make money, no matter what the market is doing. Take it from us — we’ve been doing it since 1996.

We’ve purchased more than 75,000 homes in our history, making us America’s #1 home buyer! That means our franchisees bring an unparalleled level of history and trust into the communities where we work,  giving us a leg up on the competition.

If you are interested in real estate franchise opportunities with Homevestors, visit us at www.homevestorsfranchise.com for more information!