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Sell A House Fast – Call Us, We’ll Buy It for Cash!

When you need to sell your house fast, the solution to this big problem is simple. Just call We Buy Ugly Houses®. We’ll make a fair cash offer to buy your home at no obligation and no cost to you.

We can also schedule a fast closing usually in less than a week when you sell your house to us. We Buy Ugly Houses Richmond is ready to make a cash offer on your home today, fill out our form to get started.

We Buy Ugly Houses Richmond, a real estate investment franchise of HomeVestors of America®, isn’t just any home buyer. We’re the number one home buyer in the United States. We serve the greater Richmond, VA area where homeowners can sell a house to us in as is condition quickly.

We Buy Ugly Houses Richmond never requires homeowners to make repairs or improvement just for us to buy their home. We buy as is for fast cash so you can get out of your ugly home and move on with your life.

The Benefits of Selling a Home To Us

  • All Cash Deals – We Buy Ugly Houses Richmond pays cash when you sell a house to us. We never finance when we buy houses. This means there are never any delays when it comes to closing because there are no bank approvals or other hassles like those that can typically happen with traditional real estate sales. Sell your house to us, we’ll pay cash, and you can walk away without looking back.
  • No Regular Closing Costs – You don’t have to pay any regular closing costs when you sell your house to We Buy Ugly Houses Richmond. Since we pay all regular closing costs, you won’t need an extra few thousand dollars at the closing table.
  • No Realtor Commissions – Since we pay cash when you sell a house to We Buy Ugly Houses Richmond in as is condition, there’s no need for a broker or real estate agent so there are no realtor commissions to eat up thousands of dollars from your sale.
  • Fast Settlement – It can take months or even years to actually get to the settlement phase when you sell a house the traditional way. Even if you do eventually get an offer, it can be full of contingencies, demands, and stipulations that are not only a hassle for you, but can even cost you a lot of money. Plus you might have to deal with things like your buyer needing to sell his home before he can qualify for a mortgage to buy your home along with delays from loan approvals, property inspections, home appraisals, and more. We Buy Ugly Houses Richmond offers a fast cash settlement with no hassles or delays ever.
  • No Repairs Needed – We Buy Ugly Houses Richmond buys homes as is so you never have to put money into repairing your home just to sell it. We make fair cash offers under market value when you sell a house to us. Then we renovate and resell or rent.

Call We Buy Ugly Houses Richmond

Regardless of if you’re ready to sell your house right now, or you just want to learn a little bit more about We Buy Ugly Houses Richmond first, contact us through our website form or pick up the phone and call us right now at 1-800-44-BUYER.

By just giving us some brief information about your home, we can schedule an appointment time for one of our franchisees to visit your home, assess its value, and make a no obligation cash offer to buy your home.

Working with We Buy Ugly Houses Richmond is absolutely free to you as a home seller. There are no fees at all for you to pay, and we make cash offers at no obligation to you, so give us a call today!